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  • Woodwind Instruments and Their History by Anthony Baines. The first half of the book describes the modern flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, and bassoon, and modern playing techniques for these instruments. The second half provides a history of woodwinds, including all the woodwinds of the Mediæval period and Renaissance. This is truly a bargain book. Most experience wind players probably already have a copy, and beginners should get one as a reference. I spent some enjoyable evenings reading the last half word-for-word.
  • Brass Instruments: Their History and Development by Anthony Baines. There is more history in this book than in his woodwind book, and less about modern instruments. Brass instruments played less of a role in early music than they did in later eras, and this book puts them in perspective. Another "must-have" for wind players.
  • The Amateur Wind Instrument Maker by Trevor Robinson. This book gives detailed instructions for making a variety of early wind instruments, but you'll need a woodshop with a lathe and a bit of woodworking experience.
  • Antique Musical Instruments and Their Players by Filippo Bonanni.

History and Theory
Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and reference books
  • Grunt: Pigorian Chant from Snouto Domoinko De Silo by Sandra Boynton. A delightful spoof on the modern Gregorian Chant craze, including an audio CD. Competent music, competent Latin (and Pig Latin, too), and the always humorous drawings of Boynton make for a pointed and amusing parody.

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