Cucamonga Renaissance Band

A virtual sampler

Here are examples of the music we play. These are not recordings of our actual performances, but rather "midi files" (midi = musical instrument digital interface) that contain instructions for the synthesizer in your sound card. So please remember that you are listening to your sound card playing, not to us. Duplicating early music on a standard sound card synthesizer is no easy trick, but midi files take less time to transfer over the Internet, and you can still get an idea of the music. Nearly all of these files are from the Internet Renaissance Band, and they are covered by its license agreement.

Bassano, Giovanni (c. 1558-1617) Fantasia 5 (4.6k, 1:26)
Bennet, John (b. 1575-80, fl. 1599-1614) The servant of his mistress (4.6k, 1:05)
Cornysh, William (d. 1523) Trolly lolly (2.2k, 0:33)
Festa, Sebastiano (c. 1495-1524) L'ultimo dì de maggio (4.2k, 0:53)
Gervaise, Claude (fl. 1540-1560) Pavanne, Est il conclud (5.5k, 1:28)
Gaillard, Est il conclud (5.3k, 1:07)
Isaac, Heinrich (c.1450-1517) Innsbruck, ich muß dich lassen (2.7k, 0:42)
Pesenti, Michele (c. 1470 - after 1524) Dal lecto me levava (4.4k, 1:19)
Praetorius, Michael (1571-1621) Gavottes 1, 2, 3, 6 (11.0k, 2:01)
Rampolini, Mateo (c. 1510 - c. 1565) Bacco, bacco (4.9k, 1:09)
Tudor, Henry VIII (1491-1547) Pastime with good company (2.1k, 0:31)
Pastime with good company (2.1k, 0:37) (Another version)
Taunder naken (7.7k, 2:53)
Gentil prince de renom (6.5k, 1:16)
Whereto should I express (1.8k, 0:38)
En vray amoure (4.1k, 0:59)
Vecchi, Orazio (1550-1605) So ben, mi, c'ha bon tempo (4.0k, 0:40)
Anonymous Pase el agua, ma Julieta (7.9k, 0:50)
An I were a maiden (4.8k, 0:54)
Christmas Music Dadme albricias, híjos d'Eva (3.8k, 0:48)
Ríu, ríu, chíu (11.8k, 2:06)
Verbum caro factum est: Y la Virgen le dezia (4.3k, 1:16)
In dulci jubilo (2.4k, 0:33)
Es ist ein' Rös' entsprungen (2.0k, 0:28)
Jeanette, Isabella (2.1k, 0:27)

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