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old-style printed musical notes; the French lyrics sound like: beh luh kuh tyawn mah vee


Tapia's Gold had its beginnings in the Cucamonga Renaissance Ensemble, a class for aspiring Renaissance musicians founded by Jim Stehn and Bob Fox, and taught at the community center in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Jim Stehn, who was at the time also the director of Jouyssance Early Music Ensemble in Los Angeles, taught the class and provided some performance opportunities. He moved to Washington in 1998, and Jouyssance continued under new leadership.

The Cucamonga group reinvented itself in the summer of 1998 as the Cucamonga Renaissance Band, and performed at the Santa Barbara Renaissance Faire without the support of Jouyssance. Our old web page gives a sense of the band at that time.

Since 1995, we have played at the December open house of the historical John Rains House of the San Bernardino County Museum. Because the repertoire of Christmas music that reliably dates from the Renaissance and Middle Ages is small, we have included more recent music that can be played in a Renaissance style. At the 1999 open house, another group, the Feuerborn family singers, also performed, and we formed an impromptu ensemble for several songs. In 2000, we joined forces, both figuratively and musically, to form Tapia's Gold.

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