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old-style printed musical notes; the French lyrics sound like: beh luh kuh tyawn mah vee


Tapia's Gold is available for festivals, weddings, parties, and other events in the region east of Los Angeles, California, or further away if transportation costs are provided. For information on bookings, please contact Bob Fox at blf@tapiasgold.com

Since 1995, we have played at the open house of the historical John Rains House of the San Bernardino County Museum, which ordinarily takes place on Friday and Saturday evenings of the first weekend in December (the next is December 7 and 8, 2001). Here are some photos from previous performances.

We have also played at Renaissance Faires, including every year of the Santa Barbara Renaissance Faire (it is now under new management as the Live Oak Renaissance Faire, and we may play there again). Here are some photos from Faires.

Most recently, we provided music for the first annual San Jacinto Valley Shakespeare Festival, held at the Ramona Bowl in Hemet, California. This year's performance was Romeo and Juliet.

Instruments of earlier times are an important part of our music. These include recorders, which were popular from the Middle Ages until the late 1700s, and were revived again in the first half of the last century. Krummhorns look somewhat like curved walking sticks, and work like a bagpipe without the bag. Sackbuts are the forerunners of the modern trombone, and dulcians of the modern bassoon. The cornetto and its larger cousin, the serpent, have mouthpieces like brass instruments, but are played with finger holes.

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